Second Hand Equipment & Inflatables

Second hand Equipment for sale 

Do you have any second hand equipment to sell?

Sport & Leisure Services Ltd have not necessarily manufactured the equipment or inflatables advertised on this page and therefore cannot guarantee that any of the details shown here are correct.

All information has been passed to us through the owners of the equipment.

Buying second hand equipment/inflatables Please contact the buyers direct and view the inflatables before you buy! If you would like us to take a look and test any items before you buy, or to arrange delivery of your items, then please get in touch with the office on 01985 988085

Selling second hand  equipment/inflatables
We are here to assist in the re-sale of any items which our present customers and non customers may need. There is a £17.50 + vat advertising charge. Adverts will stay advertised for 6 months or if the item is sold.

Please e-mail pictures (up to four images), your inflatable dimensions, a full description of the inflatable and your price to along with your telephone or email contact details so that people can contact you directly.

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